2016 Youth Recognition

2016 Senior Student Recognition Awards

churchill_hs_2_emblemWinston Churchill High School
Recipient: Mitchel Gaskill
Parent: John & Jennifer Gaskill
Faculty presenter: Molly Hammans & Sheree Houck
Club host: Ted Brown
Key accomplishments: Leader in community,  church youth leader, member of church technology team, manager for football team, summer volunteer on team to beautify schools.




Marist High School
Recipient: Marcella Murillo
Parents: Jorge Murillo & Dora Carrion
Faculty presenter: Jerry Ragan
Club host: Phil Jaspers
Key accomplishments: Ballet dancer and teaches children ballet, accomplished musician –   Saxophone and Piano, field pole vault on track and field team, retreat leader.




n_eugene_hs_emblemNorth Eugene High School
Recipient: Abigail Detels
Parent: Doug & Susan Detels
Faculty presenter: Liz Rommel
Club host: Frank Day
Key accomplishments: Church preschool teacher, serveral food banks, participates in church after school program, Math tutor, teacher’s assistant for history class, Key Club, Link Crew, tennis.





sheldon_hs_emblemSheldon High School
Recipient: Logan Mertz
Parents: Carrie & Dave Mertz
Faculty presenter: Carley Boyce
Club Host: Barbara Utt
Key accomplishments: National Honor Society, Cross Country & Track, on youth leadership team at church, went on mission to Mexico to build houses, Counselor at Camp Harlow, Co-leader of an after school club “Power of Today” which raises money to build wells in Third World Countries.



harrisburg emblem

Harrisburg High School
Recipient: Keyna Hurd
Parents: John & Brenda Hurd
Faculty presenters: Nancy Hay & Darla Humbert
Club host: Bob Sanders
Key accomplishments: Peer Helper at elementary school, Fund Raising activities for senior trip, baby sitting mostly during the summer,  participates in church girls study and high school youth group, work Saturday at “Diamond Hill”, a local recreation area, sophomore class treasurer, captain girls basketball team, teacher assistant in library.





springfield_hs_emblemsSpringfield High School
Recipient: Eva Arias
Parents: Ara & Ricardo Arias
Faculty presenter: Mrs. Carpenter
Club host: Kyle Coats
Key accomplishments: National Honor Society, Teacher’s Aid, Peace Jam, Puertas Abiertas Leadership Academy,Tree of Joy, Downtown Languages.

South Eugene High School
Recipient: Katherine Gladheart-Hayes
south_eugene_hs_embllemParents: Amalia Gladheart & Sean Hayes

Club host: Greg Christy
Key accomplishments: Very active in trying to end sexual violence: volunteer with Assault Support Services and Youth services at “Ophelia’s Place; member Feminest Union; participates in school program on sexual harassment; helps at Food for Lane County.


Willamette High School
willamette_hs_school_emblemRecipient: Adriana Lopez-Vasquez
Parents: Lucia Vasquez & Efren Lopez
Faculty presenter: Karen Wiant & Sam Kimbelblot
Club host: Fred Platt
Key accomplishments: Wolverine Pagent – Children Miracle Network, Peace Health student Volunteer, City of Eugene Teen Court, Food for Lane County, Health Students of America-HOSA, Latinos Unidos, leadership, Speech and Debate.